Cabinet publishes artist projects that treat the magazine itself as an exhibition venue. Unlike most contemporary art magazines, we would like our reader to actually encounter the artwork rather than simply learn of its existence. Photography, conceptual projects, text-based work, or work that treats the formal issues raised by the print medium (i.e; paper, printing, ink, etc.) are particularly well-suited for publication in Cabinet. We do not publish documentation of sculpture or of a performance or installation. Video stills and architecture proposals are also highly unusual for us to print. While a resume is not needed, a brief statement about the work can be included if you think it useful. Don’t forget that artist projects appear in both the unthemed and themed portions of the magazine.

Upcoming themed issues and deadlines

Issue 51 (Fall 2013, with a themed section on “Wheels”): 15 May 2013
Issue 52 (Winter 2013–2014, with a themed section on “Celebration”): 15 August 2013

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We are always open to pitches. Send your Meatpaper ideas to submissions [at] meatpaper [dot] com

– For article submissions, please send a 2-3 paragraph pitch and several writing samples.
– For art submissions, please send low-res images or a link to a web page, along with a brief letter of introduction.

4 Active calls       J