$1k to follow your dreams

Holstee is giving away $1k each month to encourage people to follow their dreams.

Who can apply?

Anyone is welcome to apply. We would love to support people who have been dreaming about an inspiring idea and just need a positive push to get started.

And what projects does the fellowship want to support?

The Holstee Fellowship exists to support ideas and projects that reflect the values of our Manifesto. While everyone is eligible, we hope to support projects that aim for positive impact, either for you personally, in your community, or for society as a whole.

The ideal Holstee Fellowship project:

  • Is a Holstee spirited “risk” – something you have dreamed of but not done.
  • Is something that excites you as much as it scares you.
  • Yields positive results in your community.
  • Will inspire others to live their dream.
  • Aligns with the values formulated in our Manifesto.
  • Can be realized within 3 months of winning

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