Tuesday’s class

Greetings all,

Tuesday we have our lunchtime conversation at 10am. Danielle will talk about the book she had published by Metropolis along with a slew of in-progress projects, for which she is seeking grant funding. It should be practical and inspiring. Look up her work at danielleaubert.com … I’ll bring the two books I have of hers. At the bottom of this email is her response to my email asking for her proposal for Metropolis.

Given the 10am start, and the fact that I have to leave at 12pm to be part of a search interview for furniture, I am going to arrive at 8am on Tuesday and meet with folks individually for the first two hours. I posted a sign-up sheet on the website so you can add your name as an individual or as a group (take up more than one slot as a group). I want to make sure everyone is truly in a project or a proposal at this point. It felt rushed last week, as it may a bit this week. I am also available on Monday mornings from 10-12:30p at 204 Westminster, 3rd Floor.

The hour after Danielle’s talk we can recap her talk as well as discuss book proposals. Michael Carabetta will be with us the following week to review proposals.

I have posted my Hobo proposal, a grant proposal for a type specimen project and an emailable deck for venture capitalists in a post on the website. It is a private post, so you’ll need to log in to see them.

I have also added a new “call” at the Granoff Center. There is a proposal in the email done by a former RISD March student.

Hope you have a good weekend.


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