Plan for Tuesday

Greetings all,

The plan for Tuesday is to meet with you individually or in a small group (if
sharing a project). If you want to team up based on Tuesday’s class, please
make a plan with your classmate before Tuesday so we can jump right into it
when we meet.

My expectations for you during these next three weeks is:
– If you have existing projects, prepare proposals for active calls listed on
the site or ones that you find. If you find calls that are not listed, please
add to our site. Note that many have deadlines.
– Work up project ideas to a point where you are able to make a proposal. Do
not “overbake” your ideas. Better to have several proposals for projects that
you’re starting up, than “overworking” one project.
– Research proposals, sites, technologies that can lead to projects for
yourselves and your classmates. Post on the site.
– Research previous projects that can act as models for yourselves or others
and post on the site.

I’m hoping on Tuesday to know which areas each of you are working in. We can
collect resources based on your areas of focus.

We’ll have Michael Carabetta from Chronicle Books with us on March 19 to review
any book proposals. Everyone should try to put together a book proposal. What
do you have to lose? What book might you make?

We’ll have Glen Cummings via Skype on Tuesday to talk about an
installation/exhibit and a book project that he developed.


John Caserta
Asst. Professor, Graphic Design Dept.

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