Max Ackerman


  • the most clear part of the project was the canvas they wanted to work with, which was a billboard overlooking what was once a highway
  • the guidelines they worked from were the instructions the owners of the billboard would send to to advertisers
  • the most difficult part of the project was working on something they themselves were not going to make

How did they work it, image-wise, to final scale?

  • a lot of photographing the site and then manipulating the image in photoshop
  • final was rendered with 3D models but still mostly photoshop

Was it difficult to navigate the bureaucratic elements?

  • they didn’t get much feedback at all from the company, which mostly just have the nod
  • overall the company was mostly thrilled and didn’t give them much trouble

How did politics enter into this?

  • the pencil was obvious, as it was about lanscapes being erased and redrawn
  • they tried to keep it PG and not cause te company grief

Feedback from the regular audience?

  • they received an uplifting email from someone who lived across from the billboard and was enraged when the pencil was taken down



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