Meet 9am Tuesday at Brown’s Rockefeller Library

We’ll meet Patrick Rashleigh, the data visualization coordinator, in the lobby.
He’ll get us through the security checkpoint as a group and show us through the
media wall. If you’re running late, you’ll likely need to get a Brown swipe
card setup when you enter and you can meet us there. Obviously, try to be on

If you have “zero” interest in creating a proposal for the media wall, then you
can meet us in the classroom at 10am.

Max Ackerman will be Skyping in for our lunctime conversation at noon… so
we’ll have just under two hours to talk through thoughts on the media wall and
see who is working on what.

One last bit (as I type this email in Web Adviser). I added a second project
for which one or a group of you could create a proposal for: the now empty wall
in the Portfolio Cafe. Take a look at the call for proposals on the website:

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