åSun, May 19

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(on the scale of low res) <- link to pdf

Although, I’ve presented this during the final presentation, this is my third proposal so I decided to post this on the blog. “On the Scale Of” project came from the inspiration to build community through learning of individual’s values across all demographics. This proposal was shaped to seek for a gallery space in which the project can live in but from the feedback I’ve received during the crit, I think the project can be modified to be outside of gallery space for its further steps from here.

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(risdbeachext) <- link to pdf

This is a quick pitch I have worked on to make another version of RISD Beach down on the steps by the canal. I still need to find the right person to send this via email but am definitely excited for this and am willing to push the proposal to make it happen.


4 Finished Proposals          

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(revamp portfolio low res) <- link to pdf

This is the final of the long and laborious portfolio wall proposal worked in collaboration with Carlos Gamez and Daniel Chang. We will be sending this off to the Portfolio Manager within a week or two.

4 Finished Proposals