åMon, May 13

Hello all,

We’ll have coffee and pastries delivered to the room before class and for break. We’ll be running on a tight schedule… so be sure to arrive on time. Anther, I have you first.

10 minutes max presentation, 10 minutes discussion. Better if you present for less time.

I’ll follow up with an email that I sent the critics…

9:00 Introduction to critics
9:10 Anther – Design for Commerce (3 projects under one umbrella)
9:30 Justin – etc Magazine
9:50 Elie – Radio RISD
10:10 Carly – Book Proposal
10:30 Jen and Anne – City Development


11:10 Kaveh – Installation
11:30 Jay and Carlos – Installation
11:50 Jay – Installation #2
12:10 Daniel – Roomie

12:30 — Course evaluations

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Prepared and developed for programming support. It would be great to hear feedback before the crit.


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