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4 Finished Proposals          

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4 Finished Proposals          

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4 Finished Proposals          

A proposal seeking licensing and funding for the production of canvas hounds tooth bags. Each bag is screen printed individually using photo emulsion silk screening technique onto canvas/leather hand bags. Houndstooth Bag Product Proposal

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A call to re-do and propose a new design of the stained glass windows at memorial hall/tap room. Stained Glass Window Proposal

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Newport Wall Proposal and future web address: www.newportopen.com
nazemoff – newport wall

Pelican Transport
newport to providence art events
Pelican Transport

Bushwick, Brooklyn NY Toilet
(Currently working with the gallery on prototyping or getting a minimum viable seat to start)
bushwick toilet

4 Finished Proposals          

Helvetica Ornaments presentation

This project, a set of typographic ornaments for use with the typeface Helvetica, tries to bring into dialogue the two extremes of the (imagined) function / decoration spectrum in design. The ornaments are inspired by decadently decorative nineteenth century print work, but are drawn in the monoline style of Helvetica, ultimate symbol of Modernist rational functionalism. At present, the ornaments are available as a digital font file through the GD grad show website, and also as a physical artifact for sale in the show. The artifact is as a series of six offset printed posters packaged as a booklet and accompanied by a sheet of 66 vinyl stickers.

The ornaments are a stand-alone project, but also an experiment in distributing and promoting digital type. For future type projects, I’m interested in finding ways of dramatizing and making physical (and desirable) digital type, rather than simply selling OTF files for download on a website.

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Fishworld splash page

Fishworld presentation


The Fishworld is an envisioned line of paper model kits for kids and for adults inspired by my childhood paper creations. Unlike other paper craft products, the Fishworld kits would be distributed and contextualized through a participatory website; the website would serve as an online store for the kits, but also flesh-out the imaginary ‘world’ that the kits are part of. Kit builders could also share their creations online. So this project / product would combine the appeal of online world-building games (like 2nd life?) with analog craft making and physical toys. Posted above are a sketch for a splash page announcing and describing the Fishworld project, and my final class presentation on the project.

Real website coming soon!

4 Finished Proposals      b 1       

a work in progress; password radiorisd


4 Finished Proposals          

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 2.44.24 AM

(on the scale of low res) <- link to pdf

Although, I’ve presented this during the final presentation, this is my third proposal so I decided to post this on the blog. “On the Scale Of” project came from the inspiration to build community through learning of individual’s values across all demographics. This proposal was shaped to seek for a gallery space in which the project can live in but from the feedback I’ve received during the crit, I think the project can be modified to be outside of gallery space for its further steps from here.

4 Finished Proposals          

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 3.12.04 AM

(risdbeachext) <- link to pdf

This is a quick pitch I have worked on to make another version of RISD Beach down on the steps by the canal. I still need to find the right person to send this via email but am definitely excited for this and am willing to push the proposal to make it happen.


4 Finished Proposals          

Screen Shot 2013-05-19 at 2.44.13 AM

(revamp portfolio low res) <- link to pdf

This is the final of the long and laborious portfolio wall proposal worked in collaboration with Carlos Gamez and Daniel Chang. We will be sending this off to the Portfolio Manager within a week or two.

4 Finished Proposals          

Hear Now Project Proposal For

Art in Odd Places @ The New Museum Idea City Street Festival

Jennifer Vincent and Nupur Mathur


To: Radhika Subramaniam

Guest Curator, Art in Odd Places, NYC, 2013


Dear Radhika,


Nupur and I left last week’s Art in Odd Places meeting feeling incredibly excited to create a project that would thoughtfully speak to both AiOP’s and the New Museum’s particular themes. So, we put our heads together and dreamed up Hear Now, a social practice public art project that frames ideas about the power of one as “untapped capital.” For Hear Now, we propose to invite Idea City Street Festival visitors to take a spin on our playful, custom made stationary bicycle rigged to amplify a curated selection of audio recordings from campaign speeches given by unelected presidential candidates over a loud-speaker that extends from the front of the bike, with the intensity of the amplification dependent on the rate at which the rider pedals. Hear Now’s content seeks to address the place of failure and unelectable ideas in the context of envisioning newer and better worlds. The featured campaign speeches present the political platforms of Democrat, Republican and Independent candidates and conceptually introduce the question of why the general public was not, in their respective historical moment, motivated to elect and enact these platforms. Hear Now is user activated, and so it is only when users give of their own energy are the ideas captured on the recordings made available for Street Festival visitors to hear and muse over.


We recognize that this project is vastly different than the one we pitched to be part of AiOP, but we believe it to be a far more rich, mature and dynamic piece and we anticipate that it will represent AiOP in a far more sophisticated and engaged way to New Museum Street Festival visitors.


All Best,

Jen Vincent

4 Finished Proposals          

í Due May 21: Post your three proposals to this website
Tue, May 14

Due May 21

As per listed on the syllabus, everyone should have three proposals posted to this website as a media attachment and categorized under “Finished Proposals”. If you were working collaboratively, put a post that links to your classmate’s post.


Hello all,

We’ll have coffee and pastries delivered to the room before class and for break. We’ll be running on a tight schedule… so be sure to arrive on time. Anther, I have you first.

10 minutes max presentation, 10 minutes discussion. Better if you present for less time.

I’ll follow up with an email that I sent the critics…

9:00 Introduction to critics
9:10 Anther – Design for Commerce (3 projects under one umbrella)
9:30 Justin – etc Magazine
9:50 Elie – Radio RISD
10:10 Carly – Book Proposal
10:30 Jen and Anne – City Development


11:10 Kaveh – Installation
11:30 Jay and Carlos – Installation
11:50 Jay – Installation #2
12:10 Daniel – Roomie

12:30 — Course evaluations

4 Emailed          

Prepared and developed for programming support. It would be great to hear feedback before the crit.


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