åFebruary 2013

Greetings all,

The plan for Tuesday is to meet with you individually or in a small group (if
sharing a project). If you want to team up based on Tuesday’s class, please
make a plan with your classmate before Tuesday so we can jump right into it
when we meet.

My expectations for you during these next three weeks is:
– If you have existing projects, prepare proposals for active calls listed on
the site or ones that you find. If you find calls that are not listed, please
add to our site. Note that many have deadlines.
– Work up project ideas to a point where you are able to make a proposal. Do
not “overbake” your ideas. Better to have several proposals for projects that
you’re starting up, than “overworking” one project.
– Research proposals, sites, technologies that can lead to projects for
yourselves and your classmates. Post on the site.
– Research previous projects that can act as models for yourselves or others
and post on the site.

I’m hoping on Tuesday to know which areas each of you are working in. We can
collect resources based on your areas of focus.

We’ll have Michael Carabetta from Chronicle Books with us on March 19 to review
any book proposals. Everyone should try to put together a book proposal. What
do you have to lose? What book might you make?

We’ll have Glen Cummings via Skype on Tuesday to talk about an
installation/exhibit and a book project that he developed.


John Caserta
Asst. Professor, Graphic Design Dept.

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  • the most clear part of the project was the canvas they wanted to work with, which was a billboard overlooking what was once a highway
  • the guidelines they worked from were the instructions the owners of the billboard would send to to advertisers
  • the most difficult part of the project was working on something they themselves were not going to make

How did they work it, image-wise, to final scale?

  • a lot of photographing the site and then manipulating the image in photoshop
  • final was rendered with 3D models but still mostly photoshop

Was it difficult to navigate the bureaucratic elements?

  • they didn’t get much feedback at all from the company, which mostly just have the nod
  • overall the company was mostly thrilled and didn’t give them much trouble

How did politics enter into this?

  • the pencil was obvious, as it was about lanscapes being erased and redrawn
  • they tried to keep it PG and not cause te company grief

Feedback from the regular audience?

  • they received an uplifting email from someone who lived across from the billboard and was enraged when the pencil was taken down


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Thank you to Patrick, for giving us a look at what the 12-panelled wall. Patrick can be reached at edward_rashleigh@brown.edu

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The AIGA Design Educators Community announces a call for abstracts (for papers and presentations) and readers (of abstracts) to AIGA members who are interested in participating in a design education pre-­‐conference event on October 9, 2013, immediately prior to Head, Heart, Hand: AIGA Design Conference, on October 10–12, 2013, in Minneapolis, MN.

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We’ll meet Patrick Rashleigh, the data visualization coordinator, in the lobby.
He’ll get us through the security checkpoint as a group and show us through the
media wall. If you’re running late, you’ll likely need to get a Brown swipe
card setup when you enter and you can meet us there. Obviously, try to be on

If you have “zero” interest in creating a proposal for the media wall, then you
can meet us in the classroom at 10am.

Max Ackerman will be Skyping in for our lunctime conversation at noon… so
we’ll have just under two hours to talk through thoughts on the media wall and
see who is working on what.

One last bit (as I type this email in Web Adviser). I added a second project
for which one or a group of you could create a proposal for: the now empty wall
in the Portfolio Cafe. Take a look at the call for proposals on the website:

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I talked with Tim McFate, manager of RISD’s Portfolio Cafe. He said they removed 2×4’s Pause wallcovering because “after five years, it was time for a change.” He is open to proposals for what to do on the wall that faces the dining area. Fabrication budget depends on the proposal.

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Open Call for emerging artists in NY, NJ and New England:

Our annual open call, Step Up, accepts submissions from March – May each year.
Unsolicited Submissions:

We accept unsolicited submissions from artists and curators for our visual arts programming. While the majority of our exhibitions are not the result of unsolicited submissions, there are shows every year that come to us this way.

More information

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B Books and Articles

Design Entrepreurship, By Stephen Heller
Design Entrepreurship 3.0“, By Stephen Heller
Designer as Producer, By Ellen Lupton


If students are interested, we can visit the media wall next week and see what projects you’d like to propose.

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climate change: from cause to effect to response,
from the local to the planetary,
and everything in-between

Curator, Chris Cuomo, Professor of Philosophy
and Women’s Studies, University of Georgia
Support provided by Ideas for Creative Exploration, UGA

Exhibit Run Dates: March 17- April 27, 2013

Submission Deadline: March 1

eco*art*lab, a pop-up gallery and artspace in downtown Athens, Georgia invites artistic works on the various aspects, dimensions and understandings of global climate change, to be exhibited March 17- April 27, 2013.

More on their website

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