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The Design History society is a quiet little organization in Britain that publishes real scholarship year-in and year-out, somehow avoiding the various waves of academic hipness that have been known to blow other journals around. Do enter! It could result in a nice little chunk of change. And what scholar does not need a new pair of shoes and a fresh case of ramen?

The deadline is 14 June 2013.

Here are the details:

Submissions are invited for the Design History Society Essay Prize, established in 1997 in order to maintain high standards in design history in higher education. Two prizes are awarded annually; one to an undergraduate student and the other to a postgraduate (MA or PhD).

Competition requirements:

1. The entrant must have been a current or graduating student (full or part-time) within the academic year 2012/2013.
2. The essay should be written in English.
3. The length of the essay should be between 6,000 words and 10,000 words, including footnotes (for postgraduate students this may take the form of a free-standing essay or a thesis chapter re-worked into a free-standing essay). A word count must be provided with the essay and on the submission form.
4. The essay (including illustrations) should be submitted electronically as a PDF.
5. The essay should not have been previously published.
6. The essay must be accompanied by an academic nomination. Copies of these guidelines can be forwarded to tutors on request.

The Prize includes:
· A bursary of £300 given by the Design History Society
· One year’s membership of the Design History Society (includes subscription to The Journal of Design History)
· Free place at the Design History Society conference Towards Global Histories of Design: Postcolonial Perspectives 5 – 8 September 2013, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India, plus free place at the conference gala dinner.
· ONLY if attending Towards Global Histories of Design conference, £200 towards travel costs to Ahmedabad, India.
· £100 worth of Oxford University Press publications
· 5 Paperbacks in the Oxford History of Art series

Application forms are available from the DHS Essay Prize Officer:
Dr Annebella Pollen a.pollen@brighton.ac.uk
The closing date is 14th June 2013
Essays received after the deadline will not be considered.

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Frieze Writer’s Prize is an annual international award to discover and promote new art critics.

Entrants must submit one unpublished review of a recent contemporary art exhibition, which should be 700 words in length. Entries must be submitted in English, but may be translated (this must be acknowledged). Entrants must be over 18 years of age. To qualify, entrants may only previously have had a maximum of three pieces of writing on art published. The winning entrant will be commissioned to write a review for frieze and will be awarded £2,000. Entries should be emailed as a word attachment to writersprize@frieze.com. Please do not send images.

The closing date for entries is 22 July 2013.


Christy Lange (associate editor of frieze)
Sean O’Toole (co-editor of CityScapes)
Lynne Tillman (fiction writer and critic)


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More than a decade ago Sappi Fine Paper North America— the maker of McCoy, Opus, Somerset and Flo — established the Ideas that Matter grant program to recognize and support designers who use their skills and expertise to solve communications problems for a wide range of charitable activities. Even today, Ideas that Matter remains the only grant program of its kind in the industry. Since 1999, Ideas that Matter has funded over 500 nonprofit projects, contributing $12 million worldwide to causes that enhance our lives, our communities and our planet. Sappi believes that the creative ideas of designers can have an impact beyond the aesthetic and that those ideas can be a powerful force for social good. Working together with our customers, we aim to make a difference.

Due July 19

More information and entry form

Video from last year’s winner, Lowell Williams

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Do you think you can design a better MBTA map? Here′s the opportunity for you to show us what a new T map could look like.

In celebration of National Transportation Week (May 12 — 18, 2013) the MBTA and MassDOT are sponsoring a contest to tap into the creativity of our customers and to build on the public′s interest in mapping. The contest offers contestants the opportunity to develop alternative versions of the MBTA rapid transit (or “spider”) map.

Find out more.

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Holstee is giving away $1k each month to encourage people to follow their dreams.

Who can apply?

Anyone is welcome to apply. We would love to support people who have been dreaming about an inspiring idea and just need a positive push to get started.

And what projects does the fellowship want to support?

The Holstee Fellowship exists to support ideas and projects that reflect the values of our Manifesto. While everyone is eligible, we hope to support projects that aim for positive impact, either for you personally, in your community, or for society as a whole.

The ideal Holstee Fellowship project:

  • Is a Holstee spirited “risk” – something you have dreamed of but not done.
  • Is something that excites you as much as it scares you.
  • Yields positive results in your community.
  • Will inspire others to live their dream.
  • Aligns with the values formulated in our Manifesto.
  • Can be realized within 3 months of winning

Read more here.

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It appears as thought the Providence chapter is currently on hiatus, but they have a Boston one as well that looks pretty active:

With the exception of July and December, we deliberate at the end of each month to award two $1,000 grants. Fellowship recipients are posted to the gallery at the top of the page so check back to see who is getting the ca$h.

Apply for a grant.

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Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 6.24.46 PM
RISD MArch 2012 Greg Nemes shared a proposal he put together to use the projectors at the Granoff Center at Brown. He said they are open to projects that use the seating areas in the stairwell as well as the projectors overhead.

His proposal is here

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Each year, GdNyc offers a fellowship to graphic design students, which supports the research, design, and publication of a collaborative design research project. The fellowship provides a modest stipend, advisory support, and a production budget to publish research findings. Upon completion of the project, students will have an opportunity to lead distribution and publicity of the project in consultation with GdNyc.

More information at http://gdnyc.org/

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The Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition (RTFC) seeks entries for a two-stage international design competition to honor the victims of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and its legacy. The memorial will be located in New York City on the exterior of the building, where this historic fire occurred. In telling the story of the Triangle Fire and offering tribute to the victims, immigrant workers, women activists and social reformers, the memorial should both educate and inspire. This memorial should recall not just the tragedy and every worker who perished, but also reflect the unique importance of the many workers’ rights movements, safety laws, and social welfare policies that resulted from this fire.

The mission of The Coalition is to raise public awareness of the Triangle Fire and its legacy. Each year we remember the victims, mostly immigrant, mostly young, and mostly women, who died in the tragic fire. The Coalition also celebrates activism and the continued fight for workers’ rights. In partnership with family members, friends, and members of the community committed to honoring those who died needlessly, we will create a vertical urban memorial.


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The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) invites submissions of abstracts for its annual conference, on any aspect of the digital humanities. This includes but is not limited to:

  • humanities research enabled through digital media, data mining, software studies, or information design and modeling;
  • computer applications in literary, linguistic, cultural, and historical studies, including electronic literature, public humanities, and interdisciplinary aspects of modern scholarship;
  • the digital arts, architecture, music, film, theatre, new media, digital games, and related areas;
  • the creation and curation of humanities digital resources;
  • social, institutional, global, multilingual, and multicultural aspects of digital humanities
  • and the role of digital humanities in pedagogy and academic curricula.


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The AIGA Design Educators Community announces a call for abstracts (for papers and presentations) and readers (of abstracts) to AIGA members who are interested in participating in a design education pre-­‐conference event on October 9, 2013, immediately prior to Head, Heart, Hand: AIGA Design Conference, on October 10–12, 2013, in Minneapolis, MN.

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I talked with Tim McFate, manager of RISD’s Portfolio Cafe. He said they removed 2×4’s Pause wallcovering because “after five years, it was time for a change.” He is open to proposals for what to do on the wall that faces the dining area. Fabrication budget depends on the proposal.

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Open Call for emerging artists in NY, NJ and New England:

Our annual open call, Step Up, accepts submissions from March – May each year.
Unsolicited Submissions:

We accept unsolicited submissions from artists and curators for our visual arts programming. While the majority of our exhibitions are not the result of unsolicited submissions, there are shows every year that come to us this way.

More information

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If students are interested, we can visit the media wall next week and see what projects you’d like to propose.

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climate change: from cause to effect to response,
from the local to the planetary,
and everything in-between

Curator, Chris Cuomo, Professor of Philosophy
and Women’s Studies, University of Georgia
Support provided by Ideas for Creative Exploration, UGA

Exhibit Run Dates: March 17- April 27, 2013

Submission Deadline: March 1

eco*art*lab, a pop-up gallery and artspace in downtown Athens, Georgia invites artistic works on the various aspects, dimensions and understandings of global climate change, to be exhibited March 17- April 27, 2013.

More on their website

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