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A proposal seeking licensing and funding for the production of canvas hounds tooth bags. Each bag is screen printed individually using photo emulsion silk screening technique onto canvas/leather hand bags. Houndstooth Bag Product Proposal

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A call to re-do and propose a new design of the stained glass windows at memorial hall/tap room. Stained Glass Window Proposal

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Helvetica Ornaments presentation

This project, a set of typographic ornaments for use with the typeface Helvetica, tries to bring into dialogue the two extremes of the (imagined) function / decoration spectrum in design. The ornaments are inspired by decadently decorative nineteenth century print work, but are drawn in the monoline style of Helvetica, ultimate symbol of Modernist rational functionalism. At present, the ornaments are available as a digital font file through the GD grad show website, and also as a physical artifact for sale in the show. The artifact is as a series of six offset printed posters packaged as a booklet and accompanied by a sheet of 66 vinyl stickers.

The ornaments are a stand-alone project, but also an experiment in distributing and promoting digital type. For future type projects, I’m interested in finding ways of dramatizing and making physical (and desirable) digital type, rather than simply selling OTF files for download on a website.

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Prepared and developed for programming support. It would be great to hear feedback before the crit.


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Just love this.

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The fund

They invest in designer entrepreneurs through funding, mentorship, and connections.
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The book

Designer Founders is a book series that interviews designers about the path they took to create tech startups. Our first edition features the designers who founded Pinterest, Behance, fuseproject, Slideshare, and theicebreak.
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9:00 – Carly is the werst(bratwerst)
9:20- Justin Chen
9:40 – Mr. Anther Kiley, MFA
10:00 — Break
10:15 – Carlos
10:30 – Elie
10:45 – Jen and Anne
11:00 – Kaveh
11:15 – Daniel
11:30 – Jay

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(made me think of Jay, Carl, & Daniel’s Proposal)

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The Free Art and Technology Lab is an organization dedicated to enriching the public domain through the research and development of creative technologies and media. The entire FAT network of artists, engineers, scientists, lawyers, musicians and Bornas are committed to supporting open values and the public domain through the use of emerging open licenses, support for open entrepreneurship and the admonishment of secrecy, copyright monopolies and patents.

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A new permanent work by Berlin-based artist Aram Bartholl at the Thomas Leeser-designed Museum of The Moving Image in Queens, New York bridges the gap between digital and physical space, challenging the intangibly of today’s world of cloud computing and instant downloads by adding a sense of materiality to data-transfer. Engaging a medium that is quickly becoming as outdated as the Laser Disc, DVD Dead Drop, a slot-loading DVD burner embedded in the exterior wall of the museum is ready to burn you a hand-picked digital art exhibition, media collection, or another piece computerized content curated by Bartholl. Just insert a blank DVD-R and let the art begin.


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The archivists requested a donkey, but what they got from the mayor’s office were four wary black sheep, which, as of Wednesday morning, were chewing away at a lumpy field of grass beside the municipal archives building as the City of Paris’s newest, shaggiest lawn mowers.


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The Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) invites submissions of abstracts for its annual conference, on any aspect of the digital humanities. This includes but is not limited to:

  • humanities research enabled through digital media, data mining, software studies, or information design and modeling;
  • computer applications in literary, linguistic, cultural, and historical studies, including electronic literature, public humanities, and interdisciplinary aspects of modern scholarship;
  • the digital arts, architecture, music, film, theatre, new media, digital games, and related areas;
  • the creation and curation of humanities digital resources;
  • social, institutional, global, multilingual, and multicultural aspects of digital humanities
  • and the role of digital humanities in pedagogy and academic curricula.


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