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Hello all,

We’ll have coffee and pastries delivered to the room before class and for break. We’ll be running on a tight schedule… so be sure to arrive on time. Anther, I have you first.

10 minutes max presentation, 10 minutes discussion. Better if you present for less time.

I’ll follow up with an email that I sent the critics…

9:00 Introduction to critics
9:10 Anther – Design for Commerce (3 projects under one umbrella)
9:30 Justin – etc Magazine
9:50 Elie – Radio RISD
10:10 Carly – Book Proposal
10:30 Jen and Anne – City Development


11:10 Kaveh – Installation
11:30 Jay and Carlos – Installation
11:50 Jay – Installation #2
12:10 Daniel – Roomie

12:30 — Course evaluations

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Frieze Writer’s Prize is an annual international award to discover and promote new art critics.

Entrants must submit one unpublished review of a recent contemporary art exhibition, which should be 700 words in length. Entries must be submitted in English, but may be translated (this must be acknowledged). Entrants must be over 18 years of age. To qualify, entrants may only previously have had a maximum of three pieces of writing on art published. The winning entrant will be commissioned to write a review for frieze and will be awarded £2,000. Entries should be emailed as a word attachment to writersprize@frieze.com. Please do not send images.

The closing date for entries is 22 July 2013.


Christy Lange (associate editor of frieze)
Sean O’Toole (co-editor of CityScapes)
Lynne Tillman (fiction writer and critic)


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Greetings all… let’s meet as a class tomorrow from 9am until 1pm. We should
use this time to review everyone’s final proposal.

We have four excellent critics for our final class next week. I’ll give you
more info about them then.

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There are 2.5 weeks until the last Call for Proposals class. We’ll have a final review with outside critics on May 14. Representing the viewpoint of business and fundraising will be Owen Johnson (Betaspring) and Greg Victory (RISD Careers). We’ll have one or two GD critics as well. If any of you have other critics or guests that you feel are appropriate, let me know of feel free to invite them to your final presentation.

As far as course requirements, I have maintained that I expect three proposals and one final project. These four pieces may overlap in terms of what content they are working with and for whom they are targeted.

I’ve posted a video of Guy Kawasaki talking about the 10 mistakes of entrepreneurs. One being the mistake of not prototyping when you can. I think that’s good advice. His talk is about 35 minutes, then the rest is questions. You should all check it out.

I want to meet with each of you individually on Tuesday to help assess what you should be presenting and bringing in on the last day of class.
There is a sign-up sheet on the class website. Edit the post and put your name in. Note, early meetings are longer. You only need to come to class for your individual meeting and the lunchtime conversation. This week we’ll have Edward Boatman, founder of The Noun Project, via Google Hangout.


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It was fortunate that we were at about half the class this past Tuesday. It felt like the first time we weren’t rushed to talk about your work.

Folks who came to class this week are excused from class discussion this coming Tuesday — however, I do want you to come for Megan’s lunchtime lecture at noon.

Those who want feedback on their progress may come anyway or post updates to the website. For those who were not in class last Tuesday, come to class prepared to talk (and show!) progress on your projects and where you think you’ll end up by the end of the semester.

If you’ve finished proposals, post them to the website for the class and myself to review.

If there are any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.


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Y Tuesday’s class

Greetings all,

Tuesday we have our lunchtime conversation at 10am. Danielle will talk about the book she had published by Metropolis along with a slew of in-progress projects, for which she is seeking grant funding. It should be practical and inspiring. Look up her work at danielleaubert.com … I’ll bring the two books I have of hers. At the bottom of this email is her response to my email asking for her proposal for Metropolis.

Given the 10am start, and the fact that I have to leave at 12pm to be part of a search interview for furniture, I am going to arrive at 8am on Tuesday and meet with folks individually for the first two hours. I posted a sign-up sheet on the website so you can add your name as an individual or as a group (take up more than one slot as a group). I want to make sure everyone is truly in a project or a proposal at this point. It felt rushed last week, as it may a bit this week. I am also available on Monday mornings from 10-12:30p at 204 Westminster, 3rd Floor.

The hour after Danielle’s talk we can recap her talk as well as discuss book proposals. Michael Carabetta will be with us the following week to review proposals.

I have posted my Hobo proposal, a grant proposal for a type specimen project and an emailable deck for venture capitalists in a post on the website. It is a private post, so you’ll need to log in to see them.

I have also added a new “call” at the Granoff Center. There is a proposal in the email done by a former RISD March student.

Hope you have a good weekend.



Greetings all,

The plan for Tuesday is to meet with you individually or in a small group (if
sharing a project). If you want to team up based on Tuesday’s class, please
make a plan with your classmate before Tuesday so we can jump right into it
when we meet.

My expectations for you during these next three weeks is:
– If you have existing projects, prepare proposals for active calls listed on
the site or ones that you find. If you find calls that are not listed, please
add to our site. Note that many have deadlines.
– Work up project ideas to a point where you are able to make a proposal. Do
not “overbake” your ideas. Better to have several proposals for projects that
you’re starting up, than “overworking” one project.
– Research proposals, sites, technologies that can lead to projects for
yourselves and your classmates. Post on the site.
– Research previous projects that can act as models for yourselves or others
and post on the site.

I’m hoping on Tuesday to know which areas each of you are working in. We can
collect resources based on your areas of focus.

We’ll have Michael Carabetta from Chronicle Books with us on March 19 to review
any book proposals. Everyone should try to put together a book proposal. What
do you have to lose? What book might you make?

We’ll have Glen Cummings via Skype on Tuesday to talk about an
installation/exhibit and a book project that he developed.


John Caserta
Asst. Professor, Graphic Design Dept.

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We’ll meet Patrick Rashleigh, the data visualization coordinator, in the lobby.
He’ll get us through the security checkpoint as a group and show us through the
media wall. If you’re running late, you’ll likely need to get a Brown swipe
card setup when you enter and you can meet us there. Obviously, try to be on

If you have “zero” interest in creating a proposal for the media wall, then you
can meet us in the classroom at 10am.

Max Ackerman will be Skyping in for our lunctime conversation at noon… so
we’ll have just under two hours to talk through thoughts on the media wall and
see who is working on what.

One last bit (as I type this email in Web Adviser). I added a second project
for which one or a group of you could create a proposal for: the now empty wall
in the Portfolio Cafe. Take a look at the call for proposals on the website:

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