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Helvetica Ornaments presentation

This project, a set of typographic ornaments for use with the typeface Helvetica, tries to bring into dialogue the two extremes of the (imagined) function / decoration spectrum in design. The ornaments are inspired by decadently decorative nineteenth century print work, but are drawn in the monoline style of Helvetica, ultimate symbol of Modernist rational functionalism. At present, the ornaments are available as a digital font file through the GD grad show website, and also as a physical artifact for sale in the show. The artifact is as a series of six offset printed posters packaged as a booklet and accompanied by a sheet of 66 vinyl stickers.

The ornaments are a stand-alone project, but also an experiment in distributing and promoting digital type. For future type projects, I’m interested in finding ways of dramatizing and making physical (and desirable) digital type, rather than simply selling OTF files for download on a website.

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Fishworld splash page

Fishworld presentation


The Fishworld is an envisioned line of paper model kits for kids and for adults inspired by my childhood paper creations. Unlike other paper craft products, the Fishworld kits would be distributed and contextualized through a participatory website; the website would serve as an online store for the kits, but also flesh-out the imaginary ‘world’ that the kits are part of. Kit builders could also share their creations online. So this project / product would combine the appeal of online world-building games (like 2nd life?) with analog craft making and physical toys. Posted above are a sketch for a splash page announcing and describing the Fishworld project, and my final class presentation on the project.

Real website coming soon!

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