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Hear Now Project Proposal For

Art in Odd Places @ The New Museum Idea City Street Festival

Jennifer Vincent and Nupur Mathur


To: Radhika Subramaniam

Guest Curator, Art in Odd Places, NYC, 2013


Dear Radhika,


Nupur and I left last week’s Art in Odd Places meeting feeling incredibly excited to create a project that would thoughtfully speak to both AiOP’s and the New Museum’s particular themes. So, we put our heads together and dreamed up Hear Now, a social practice public art project that frames ideas about the power of one as “untapped capital.” For Hear Now, we propose to invite Idea City Street Festival visitors to take a spin on our playful, custom made stationary bicycle rigged to amplify a curated selection of audio recordings from campaign speeches given by unelected presidential candidates over a loud-speaker that extends from the front of the bike, with the intensity of the amplification dependent on the rate at which the rider pedals. Hear Now’s content seeks to address the place of failure and unelectable ideas in the context of envisioning newer and better worlds. The featured campaign speeches present the political platforms of Democrat, Republican and Independent candidates and conceptually introduce the question of why the general public was not, in their respective historical moment, motivated to elect and enact these platforms. Hear Now is user activated, and so it is only when users give of their own energy are the ideas captured on the recordings made available for Street Festival visitors to hear and muse over.


We recognize that this project is vastly different than the one we pitched to be part of AiOP, but we believe it to be a far more rich, mature and dynamic piece and we anticipate that it will represent AiOP in a far more sophisticated and engaged way to New Museum Street Festival visitors.


All Best,

Jen Vincent

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